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Seasonal Releases

All of our spirits are small batch, change seasonally, and can sell out quickly. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram or call ahead for our current product lineup.

We offer tours, bottle sales and free product tasting at the distillery. Our Tasting Room hours are Wednesday-Sunday 11am-5pm. We offer personalized custom whiskey barrels as well; you choose the mash bill and decide when the barrel has aged properly.

  • Farm to bottle distillery
  • Pure spring water
  • Local and sustainable ingredients
  • Traditional Appalachian moonshine methods
  • Beautiful place to visit
  • One of a kind products

High quality whiskey is made from all grain mashes and distilled below 160 proof to retain flavor. Many whiskeys are then aged in oak barrels. Some such as rye or bourbon are aged in new charred oak barrels, while corn whiskey is aged in un-charred or used barrels.

The term moonshine came about as a result of taxes and prohibition which drove distillers to operate illegally and caused them to hide their stills and work by the light of the moon to avoid detection. Moonshine is traditionally un-aged, as it would be a risk to store the illegal product. Local flavors are often added to the ‘shine to make up for the lack of aging. 

Each run of our still creates a unique liquor that will be barreled and bottled with a batch number containing a limited amount of bottles. Once that batch is sold out the flavor of that batch will never be exactly duplicated again.  A batch can be a single barrel of bourbon, one of our seasonal botanical infusions, a special collaboration with a brewery, or a brand new flavor experiment! Our batches generally range from 25-300 bottles.

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